First Post / Greetings / Intentions. :D

Jonathan Bruno here. I’m starting this blog to chronicle the year that I’ll be spending working at T-Stop rentals. I hope to incorporate much of my personal life into the posts that will primarily deal with the following: film, camera equipment and techniques, cinematography, relationships, the good life, finances, how to live the Good Life, how to be a good person in a harsh industry, how to learn to give up your life for the sake of others, and how to follow and learn from Jesus in good times and awful ones.

I hope you like what I have to say, and I’m immensely interested in what you all have to say. Because this blog is mostly for recreation and to help me to have clarity of thought, I would ask that anyone who doesn’t like what I have to say, please respond in a kind way, the sort of way we all speak in front of our grandparents… you know what I mean.


Blessings to all. I’m excited to start. My initial goal will be to post once per week on the weekends.


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